TYPHOON_Clothing 2018


WHat the FINAL collection consists of:

  • One Jacket 

  • One Short Sleeve T-Shirt: World Tour 2018

  • One Long Sleeve T-Shirt: World Tour 2018

  • A crest / logo to be used on clothing and other merch


 sOme Necessary rules:

  • Colors are mainly black, white, and gold

  • Black w/ white print  -  White w/ black print - White w/ gold print - Black w/ gold print


The VIBE: 


For the new line of Typhoon merch it felt easiest to create characters who embody a certain world and vibe.

Through listening to the record, thinking about the cultural time we are living in, and watching the crowds at your shows, I was inspired by feelings of dystopia / utopia of the now or very close future.

I started picturing a group of survivors in a 'post world', one that is built by a young digital generation but that has lost its digital roots. A group of young people living in a world that is stuck somewhere between the clean well designed order of our time and the very functional survivalist feelings of a post apocalyptic time, a gang of people who are pushing forward.

With that I started thinking about what would that young gang of survivors wear? What would their imagery look like?



It is

modern, industrial, clean, and a little fashionable

but also understands being organic, natural, and functional.


A symbol for this GANG of 'survivors'

Using imagery of mazes as the main graphic element and symbol for this group of people.

Visualizes the idea of searching for something, trying to recapture what is lost, and being the ones with the map to get through it all.

Triangular delta maze with 40 cells side.png
Hexagonal delta maze with 12 cells side.png
40 cells diameter theta maze.png

There is an opportunity to shape the mazes in different ways for different scenarios, individual band jackets, and different garments.


There is also the opportunity to shape the mazes into shapes of actual objects (ex. animals) beyond just geometric shapes.

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 12.37.11 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 12.35.31 PM.png

The type of garment it is on tells the story just as much as the graphics printed on the garment.

With the ideas of balancing modern, industrial, clean, and fashionable with organic, natural, and functional, it felt good to use heavy tees and a functional coaches jacket.




The Dave Hall Collection: Thanks! Hawaiian Button up

This needs no explanation. This is a Dave Hall shirt, with an embroidered signature on the front and a print made of the most common foliage in the Pacific Northwest instead of tropical plant life.