Final Project - Mic Enclosure


For my final piece worked towards fabricating an enclosure for small listening devices. To build what I was designing the project needed multiple operations; multiple CNC methods, hand shaping and routing, and joint fitting. At first my design was a square based pyramid made of two joined blocks.


As I moved deeper into the project I realized that using the 4 Axis Mill to shape my pyramid would not be possible, strictly due to timing. This turned out to be a positive obstacle, as I moved back to my original sketches I found that an earlier drawing inspired by mid century intercom systems would be a stronger design.

To make the cavity to fit in my circuit and microphones I decided to use the 3 Axis CNC with 1/8th and 1/4th inch bits. 

Since I chose to work with tall blocks of myrtle I had to treat the router a little differently, I secured the material to the bed using 1 inch L brackets and raised the Z axis as high as I could. 


Once the microphone cavity was cut on the 3 Axis I wanted to remove a 5/8 inch face from my block to get down to the working size I desired. The first method I tried was the band saw, but the blade could only get about half an inch into my myrtle block before smoking, so I moved to the chop saw. This also proved difficult in terms of securing the block down and keeping it straight against the fence. I ultimately took the block back to the 3 Axis and milled the face off to get the size I needed.

With my blocks at the height I wanted, I need to add a cavity to feed my wires and cables through. To do this I used a 1/2 inch bit and drilled through the blocks on the drill press.


Setting the blocks aside, I needed to fabricate a faceplate to cover the microphones and any exposed circuitry. To do this I wen back to the 3 Axis and cut multiple test faces out of quarter inch