Dream, Vision, Goal, & Plan

Dream - An environment that completely responds to us emotionally. It can feel our connections with one another, know the intricacies of our state of being, and understand what we need to happen around us without any explicit active input from anyone in the room.

Vision - A device the exists in our homes and has the ability to monitor and respond to the emotions and connections of those around it. It has the ability to connect with the growing amount of connected devices surrounding us and control them based off of the natural human interactions in the space. 

Goal -  A household object fitted with microphones that listen to conversations between individuals and uses voice analysis of emotions to gauge a connection between those talking. When it is decided that a connection is occurring the object silences any noise and notifications coming in on the devices of those having a connection until it senses the moment is over.


  • February 3 - Product mapped out, narrow down and prioritize project parts, answer 5 W's

  • February 10 - Connecting voices to reactions, 1+1 = yes

  • February 17 - Bluetooth LE, connecting voices to a phone, go deeper into research of emotion and conversational connection, order hardware

  • February 24 - Object should hear two voices for a duration of time and effect a connected device as a result

  • March 2 - More in depth analysis of emotion and connection, what is a connection based on voice intonation? 

  • March 9 - Object design sketches, materials research

  • March 23 - Final object design finalized, more emotional depth coded into software

  • March 30 / April 6 - Open working time

  • April 13 - Final enclosure built

  • April 20 - Complete working prototype

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