MY BODY_Live Visuals


WHat the FINAL visual Package consists of:

  • Custom App: Personal program for easy onstage VJing

  • Multimode Video Effects: Ghost Mode, Bars Mode, Loop Mode

  • Sound Responsive: Video image shutter on bass


1. Ghost mode

This mode leaves behind traces of your body as you move, giving off transparent remnants of your figure that fade away. This mode is intended for moments that are more intimate, subdued, and mellow. Ex. "Half a Heart to Holler", "Samesies", "Pomme", "Bkny".


2. BARS mode

This mode is a play on the bars used to censor bodies, but instead of blocking parts of the image it takes sections of your body and minimizes, magnifies, or shifts them. This mode is intended for moments that are heavier, more upbeat, and less subdued. Ex. "Blowout", "Mood", "All I Can", "Make It Good".


3. loop mode

This mode is meant for interstitial moments. Using custom photography we will build a series of looping portraits that will be used in spaces such as the beginning of the show, longer moments in between songs, and when the show has finished.