Manifest 1.0_Tunnel Visuals


Creating personal visuals for each audience member

  • Shader library for each possible tone (7)

  • Ability to mix tones together to create personal visual



The performance space uses large amounts of LED's to create ambient light tones. There are no graphic visuals, only single, Turrel-esque, areas of vibrant color. We can make the tunnel have more personality and more organic motion, but it should still feel like it fits with the more ambient light tone of the rest of the space.



I think the more organic and flowing work you were doing with shaders is perfect for this. We can play with different levels of abstractness and see what feels right. Depending on the mood we are trying to capture, we can play with the speed and intensity of the physics.



The Watson Tone Analysis narrows text down into 7 main tones:

  • anger

  • fear

  • joy

  • sadness

  • analytical

  • confident

  • tentative

Each of the tones is given back in a percentage when the text is analyzed. To create the gradients for each person we can assign a color and motion to each of the seven categories, then when we analyze each person dial the percentage of each color to what Watson says. If any of the color combos look too out of place with each other we can work out ways to blend them in a better way.

Or we can take the top tone, use that as the main color - and the other tones can be monochromatic or tertiary values of that main hue.


Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 7.17.27 PM.png
  • anger = #C5121B

  • fear = 

  • joy = #F7AA29

  • sadness = 

  • analytical = 

  • confident = 

  • tentative =