Narrative Redesign - Two (very) Quick Sprints


Concept 1: The Voice of a Space




I was walking on the border of BedStuy and Bushwick with a friend...




How do you capture the narrative of a particular environment and feel it in a fluid, natural, way?


With this question in mind I began to look at what New York had to offer that other cities may not. The first factor that came to mind was the immense sense of romanticism and mythology connected to the boroughs of the city. Artists, poets, writers, and musicians all touch on very particular subcultures, neighborhoods, and characters of New York at a volume that is hard to track.


With so many individual perspectives painting pictures of and providing voices to specific areas of the city, how can other artists be leveraged to provide a narrative of the city?




But curated playlists...

  • Do not respond to the natural movement of the user

  • Only provide broad context

  • Do not leave room for deeper discovery of the narrative




How do you capture more meaningful connection between the place and the music?

How do provide specific context?

How do you create an experience of discovery?





Concept 2: The Whole Picture

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