A Storyteller - Chris Milk


Using technology to make to make you feel.




Milk began his career as a director of major music videos and commercials, working with a wide range of artists and brands.

Even in this more commercial, linear, and passive space, Milk was beginning to experiment with the use of new technology and shifting the perspective through which the viewer saw the story.


All Falls Down - 2004


Who's Gonna Save My SOul - 2008




In 2010 Milk began to shift from the more passive approach of traditional video to interactive work that involved the user.

Seeing the potential of new online tools, such as HTML5, Google Maps, and Chrome, he began exploring with what the internet and interactivity could bring to his stories emotionally.


The Johnny Cash Project - 2010


Speaking on the constant shift of the constructs of media in 2010, he stated,

"That's really exciting as a person who wants to make work that speaks to people, because from a storytelling standpoint, we don't know what that construct will look like. Cinema has evolved to a three-act structure, music soundtracks, close ups and colour and abstracts – but that wasn't there at the beginning, so I'm interested to see how this medium evolves for storytelling. In 100 years, they will look at Facebook in the same way. 'Of course it's a 12-act narrative structure with polygrams and line tags …' so the interactive space is a way to experiment with storytelling and portraying emotions."


The Wilderness Downtown - 2010


"With Street View, you're curating a data set capable of incredible emotional resonance for the person interacting with it because everyone grew up somewhere. And if your house is in this dataset, that's going to provide some emotional context for you."



After experimenting with the emotional, human, possibilities of browser based storytelling milk began to look towards opportunities to push that human emotion further, resulting in works based more on physical interaction with the content. 


Summer Into Dust - 2011


The Treachery of Sanctuary - 2012


Hello, Again - 2013




Milk's work has been on a seemingly endless quest to find media that translate and ignite human emotion as genuinely and strongly as possible.

When his work is looked at in chronological order one can see the building blocks that have led him to his current work and biggest investment, virtual reality.

While the current incarnation of VR is still in its infancy, Milk and his new company Within are striving to create experiences that are meaningful and create a new level of connection between each of us.

“The promise that VR can hold is that it’s the democratization of human experience, much like the Internet was the democratization of data.”


“Once you move past the spectacle and past the hype, VR is the medium of human experience.

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