Final Project - Initial Thoughts



How seemingly simple interventions can shift a person's life


For our final project, Olivia and I are exploring access to educational opportunities in the United States, and how that access can have immense impact on an individual's life.


Looking at the term "educational opportunities" with a broader lens, how do micro interventions such as after school programs, experimental classrooms, and even single individuals create opportunities that pivot the paths for those who can experience them? 


How does one of the "most advanced" countries in the world have a perpetual cycle of poverty and incarceration, and how do these educational opportunities affect that cycle?


How would a someone's story be different if just one person or one program had been removed from the equation that built their lives?



The goal of our project is to showcase the stories of those who have experienced this first hand and display the importance of the pieces that built their experience. 



The inspiration and interest into this topic comes from a very personal place for both of us, with Olivia being the daughter of a Peruvian immigrant and me being the son of teenage parents and the only one of my siblings to finish high school. Both of us have experienced first hand the stark contrast between those afforded these opportunities and those who are not. 

Some further beginning research and inspiration is:



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